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Los Angeles natives Heavy Justice have managed to carve out a distinctive style that hints at their punk influences, infused with raw, heavy, yet melodic thrash. Their second CD release in May 2017, “And So We Fall,” achieves the goal of artistic growth while maintaining the fire of aggressive youth that fuels both metal fans and musicians.

“And So We Fall” is themed with an aquatic, abyssal element combined with loss. The struggle to remain afloat in the riptides of life’s wake, forcing us to deal with losses of all kinds: loss of the lives of loved ones, loss of heroes, loss of belief systems, loss of soul and sanity – altering how we envision and deal with the inevitable end.

With a distinct blend of hard, gravelly yet soulful melodic vocals, vocalist/ bassist Neil Neilio’s clever, sobering lyrics will get into your head and stick with you, as you find yourself humming the melodies hours after listening. Collaborating with Neil since high school, guitarist Greg Mullen combines true musical talent and ability with an explosion of pulsating heavy riffs and feverish solos that defy his calm exterior. The two founders give Heavy Justice a solid, consistent style, and a great deal of diversity within their songwriting, while staying true to their high energy, heavy form.

Adding unlimited energy and compatible styles with drummer Michelle Pickering and guitarist Irvin Garay, Heavy Justice has set out to play to as many audiences as possible, sharing their brand of unapologetic metal with engaging arrangements, powerhouse metal anthems, and finger blistering guitar work, without ever sacrificing good songwriting for speed.

Their first CD and video was released in 2014 entitled “Apolcalyze,” which eluded current musical trends and put forth powerful, well written songs, allowing Heavy Justice to develop a solid fan base locally, and branching out to the southwestern states. From a quality standpoint, “Apolcalyze” is much higher and more diverse than one would expect of a first CD from a thrash band. In addition to giving fans memorable songs to sing along to at subsequent shows, it would provide a decidedly strong foundation from which “And So We Fall” was about to rise from.

Early in 2017, the band took a short break from playing live shows to record two music videos for “Bone to Dust” and “The Macabre Melody”, and are now back playing shows throughout so cal , most notably opening for Great White at the Whiskey on December 29 to round out 2017 with style.

Heavy Justice prioritizes a direct and active connection with their fans through Facebook and Twitter, as well as having vibrant, content rich, and constantly updated social media outlets through their YouTube and Instagram pages, respectively. You can check out and/or contact Heavy Justice directly on your preferred media: heavyjustice.com, facebook.com/heavyjustice, twitter.com/heavyjustice, instagram.com/heavyjustice.